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fat Sanae by Eishiban
Mature content
fat Sanae :iconeishiban:Eishiban 720 11
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Phat Bottom Patty [Weight Gain / Ass Expansion} by Bury-She
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The Sand Sculptor
This story has effects of drastically changing features of woman to a large scale.  If you don't like, don't read, thanks and have a good day.  ^^
As the warm weather began peaking within the region,  the surrounding beaches always attracted large crowds.  Mostly vacationers, the local residents still thrived and adored this time of year.  Ever more so, many unique individuals arrived and enjoyed setting up shop anywhere they could to display their talents.  One such artist fixated himself right behind a rental stand of beach accessories, a generous crowd already gathering around.
“Welcome one and all.”  Arms stretched wide, the well tanned man joyous and well pronounced.  “I bet you’re all here to witness the creation of some amazing sand sculptures.”  Nonchalantly leaning gently on his A-frame sign with a smirk.
A slender individual who could blend in with his surroundings, you’d assume
:iconizlude13:Izlude13 145 22
Mature content
Jelly Inflation :iconskull666388:skull666388 536 36
Wiccan Spa Resort
“Hey wide load, could you hurry it up!”
Susan was yelling at the rather overweight man who was ahead of her who was using the self check out. Susan had stopped at the market on the way to her spa vacation to grab a pack of sugar free gum and a bottle of water, but the man ahead of had a full cart and now she risked being late for her spa appointment.
“Hey lardo!” Susan continued to insult. “I’m in a bit of a rush here, so I’d appreciate it if you could move your fat ass faster!”
The man stayed calm and didn’t react to Susan. He simply sped up the pace of his checkout and left without a word. Susan purchased her two items and went back to her car to continue her trip to the spa. She knew had been very rude to the man but she didn’t care. It was a very stressful day for her, much like every other day of her life.
Susan’s mother was a former olympic gymnast and her father was a health expert who wrote a series of nutrition
:iconhaxcall:Haxcall 69 2
Cruiser by WinterWarning
Mature content
Cruiser :iconwinterwarning:WinterWarning 326 5



235 deviations
Oh gosh it's been awhile since I posted... But here's the scoop as to what's been going on:

First, as always, I'd like to thank my new watchers and to all the people still favoriting/commenting on things. Thanks guys, you the best.

Second, it's my birthday! If you want a hint at how old I am, I'm still able to post all the stuff I do, but still too young to buy alcohol in the US.

Third, just got back from a con last week. Was really fun. Got some cool merch and saw some cool cosplays. I'd like to do that one day. Oh, and I'm going to Disney in a week and a half, so there's that too.

And finally, probably the one most people will be interested in, updates:

Okay, so I know I haven't put anything up recently. That's mostly because I'm practicing. I'm learning. Trying new things. Since January 1st, I've been keeping a journal with at least one sketch a day, and honestly, I'm improving. And I'm learning new things too. But with the more practice I'm doing, the less full projects I'll release. I actually have not written much in awhile either besides RP stuff on Tumblr/Skype. So I may be drawing, more, but posting here less, because it's mostly just scraps.

HOWEVER, I do have some new stuff in that I may be uploading today. A WG TG TF sketch, a few things of pixel art, an icon for my FA, and did I mention pixel art? Yep, pixel art.

Anywho, I hope to one day get back to writing as well. It seems to be the favorite of the mediums I've put up on here. I just haven't had the opportunity to sit back down and write lately.

Thanks again for everyone's support!


Almost forgot! I also updated my tumblr roleplay page:


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United States
Hello there, and welcome to the den of the TF Kitsune. I find transformations and body manipulations of the human body quite fascinating, and post art here based on some of these ideas. I'm always looking for more people with similar interests, so do not be afraid to comment or leave a note. Some of my transformations can get very intense, though some I will leave simple. It depends on my mood.

Enjoy your time on my page.

J͚̟̭u͇̜̇͂̑̐͛ͭs̲̽͗ͬ͂̇̿t͛ͣͧ ̻̝̞͚͕͍d̖̲͙̳͋͌̾õ͖ͥ̒̑͐̊̇n̞̑̽ͯ̆'̳̞̩̤̗t͚̹ ͭ͊ͪl̰̙̪̙̙͙̳̈́̄ò͇̝̫͓̝̜͇͐ͥͯš͛͆̎͗̚e̮͈̾͗̃̽͌ͥͯ ̱̝̦̯̮̪͔̓ͦ̓ͮ̀ͩ͑y̺͔͇̤͑̆ͪo̗̺̮̿͒u͔͕͇͈̞̩̣ͤͭr̦ͧś̲͙̟͔̫̉̌ͬ̈͂ͩe͈̟͔͎̙l̤̻̞̙̰̐ͅf͕̫̂ͮͬͫͦ̈́ ̥̺̙̣͕͐̐̾̈h͎̋̓ͮ̊͐͂̚e̩͊̓̒͛r͔̟̫̫̈́͆̾̾ẽ͇̼͖̼̬̅͑̿.̠̠̯ͨ̇̊


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